Personalize Your Business Gifts

So you think your clients think about you all the time?  News flash… they don’t!  As the not so Greek philosopher Janet Jackson said, “What have you done for me lately?”  Being in the title insurance business there’s lots of competition and need to stand out from the herd.  Almost all of our business comes from referrals from realtors.

Business gifts are an opportunity to stay in touch, relevant, and allow us to cultivate real relationships without being overly intrusive.  Gifts shouldn’t just come in December.  In fact, the only time we don’t give gifts are in December.  I imagine the receptionist saying, “Just throw’em in the pile with the others!” We don’t want to be a pile. 

There are so many opportunities. There are four (4) seasons [yes even in Florida – technically] and forty three (43) US holidays. Even little ’Ol February has four (4). 

Be cute and playful with your gifts, and not necessarily expensive.  Little things do count.  Some creative ideas that we have used:

Summer Time Case of Smart Water

July 4th Sparklers and blow “pops”

April Fools Jelly bean mix (is it green lime or grass?)

St. Patrick’s Green and white popcorn and plastic shot glasses.

Valentine’s Assorted cupcakes

Purim Hamantaschens

Cinco De Mayo Margarita party or mix

Washington’s B-day Quarter and a lottery ticket.

Veteran’s Day US Flag

And to really stand out, combine your gift with a cheeky hand-written card on card stock with your company logo.  For an extra touch of class, we even have our own personalized Wax Seal with our logo melted on each envelope. 

Yes it all takes more time and attention, but that’s the point.  If we put this much effort and detail into impressing you, imagine how well we will be received after finishing our work insuring your title?

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