Comedy was the Answer

Last week, I was asked to teach a class at Broward’s Urban Housing League to new home buyers who haven’t the foggiest idea of what’s involved in purchasing a house.  Not only was I asked to teach about what Title Insurance is, but I was also asked to educate for 45 minutes.  Oh man!! How do I talk about something as dry as Title Insurance without making their eyes glaze over like a Krispy Kreme Donut?  Mmmmmm…. Where was I?

Comedy was the answer!  I began, “How many of you have ever been set up on a blind date?”  A few raised their hand.  I picked one dashing gentleman out of the crowd and said, “Oh, not you sir, I understand.  Both women and men throw themselves at you.  In fact, dogs run across the street just to lick your hand – No not you sir, you don’t need to be set up.”  Well I went on, “This fine specimen is an anomaly.  Most people need to be set up and we call that in my Jewish world, the ‘yenta’ or ‘the matchmaker.’”

I explained, “The Realtor is like your matchmaker.  They put the Buyer [that’s you] and the Seller together and when you fall in love with that one and only property, you then need a Rabbi, a Priest, a Buddhist Monk, and a wedding coordinator to then put the entire real estate closing together.”  That’s us.  They got it.  Simple by analogy.

Now do we actually bring a music band, flowers, and a caterer to your real estate closing?  Oddly yes, we actually do bring food, flowers, and are quite entertaining.  While we don’t condone stomping on our glasses when done, by all means, call us for the guaranteed best closing experience of your life.

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