Award Winner

Award Winner

A.L.T.A. Award

A.L.T.A. (The American Land Title Association), announced its annual winner of the Title Webbies, an awards recognizing companies creating the best title industry consumer-facing website within the past year. The 2018 Title Webbies were presented during ALTA ONE, the largest annual event for the land title insurance industry, held Oct. 9-12 in Los Angeles. Nominees in the categories—Best Website-Title Agents were judged on mobile friendliness, overall user experience, social-media integration, image/video use and content quality.

“For many consumers, buying a home is the single largest investment they will make in their lifetime, and ALTA’s Title Webbies shine a spotlight on the importance of consumer education and accessibility,” said Cornelia Horner, ALTA’s interim CEO and chief operating officer. “We encourage the land title insurance industry to focus on clearly explaining the closing process and communicating the benefits of title insurance to consumers. We wholeheartedly congratulate FTIC for winning these well-deserved awards. We admire them for their hard work, creativity and ingenuity as well as their obvious thoughtfulness about the title industry’s big picture.”

In an interview with Randy Gilbert, FTIC’s Chief Happiness Officer, he said, “We designed a completely unique approach using original content, cheeky humor poking fun at our industry, simple analogies to help the average person understand title insurance, interactive documents typically seen at a closing, easy-to-navigate buttons for ADA accessibility and over 80 high-definition ‘playful family’ images of multicultural demographics, races and handicaps that real people can relate to so they go in to the closing expecting an experience – not just a paper title policy. Hopefully, our website comes as a wake-up call to the industry to refocus on who our end users really are.”

Additionally, FTIC took an intentional approach to making a mundane product, such as title insurance, fun. The homepage is interactive: The cursor causes themain water photo to “ripple” as you navigate the page. The links, including “Title Insurance for Dummies,” “Who Pays for What,” “70+ Ways to Lose Your Property,” and “Mission Kreplach,” which details the company’s values, provide useful consumer information in an entertaining way.

South Florida Business & Wealth’s 2021 Real Estate Award

It’s been a busy year. Sometimes so busy we don’t have time to post all the great things that happen or which we are recognized for. Thank you to everyone who made us and thank you to SFBW (South Florida Business and Wealth) for honoring us with their 2021 Real Estate Award.

Agent Spotlight

National underwriter, First National Title Insurance (FNTI), spotlighted FTIC as a TOP AGENT in its press brief stating,

When you add “white glove” customer service with a heavy dose of fun, what results is an award winning title company. Attorney Bryce Gilbert, President and CEO, and Jessica Gutierrez,  Vice President, run the daily operations of  Florida’s Title Insurance Co. (FTIC).  In addition to its unparalleled customer service, FTIC proudly stands behind its “No Junk Fee Guarantee®.” With one look at their website ( you immediately see that FTIC found the winning combination that makes them a success in the competitive Florida market.   

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