KREPLACH* is our mission at FTIC

There’s nothing sexy about title insurance but we’re nerds and really good at it.  But being good is not enough today.  I also want to instill core values to our family of employees.  A Mission Statement!  I don’t know if I was hungry that day or what, but mine happened to be Kreplach.  We even had it framed, laughed, and discuss our Mission at each weekly meeting. 

A Mission Statement concisely identifies an organization’s: products/services, location it operates, target customers, and desired achievements.  Once you’ve finalized your Mission Statement, communicate it to everyone in the company.  I kind of think of it like when I was in a fraternity and had to recite a mini pledge.  Here is what ours looks like:   

Our mission is to be your only choice for local title insurance services. We are an ethically driven company and our core values include:

Kaizen – Japanese for continuous growth and improvement;

               • (‘kai’) KAI means ‘change’

               • (‘zen’) ZEN means ‘good’

Resolve – Put out fires, pacify tempers and bring calmness.

Exceed – Go above and beyond; exceeding every expectation.

Exactness – Work diligently but with exactness.

Passion – For the title industry and its advancement.

Listen – Be a deal maker not a deal breaker.

Achieve – Get the job done, sometimes even if it is not your job.

Community – Development, involvement, and participation.

Hello – Keep all parties updated with material advancements.

* Kreplach is Yiddish for small dumplings filled with ground meat, potatoes, or chicken usually boiled and served in chicken soup similar to Italian ravioli or Chinese wonton. 

By making our mission statement fun and easy to remember increases our ability to stay focused on what is important.  Let me hear your mission statement!

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