We Took the Title

Title insurance is a billion dollar industry.  On October 11, 2018, our website (FTIC.net) was crowned the BEST Title Insurance Website in the nation according to ALTA – the governing trade association.  So how did little ol’ us do it?

First, realize no one knows your industry better than you. Unfortunately this is not something you can completely delegate to a web-designer who is just going to copy someone else’s website and then tattoo your name and logo onto it.  It’s like everyone in school cheating off the same paper.  Eventually you will all look like clones and the teacher is going to notice. So break the cycle, do your own work, and really make yourself stand out and look awesome with your own individualized tattoo (it’s just a metaphor).

Second, “It’ not me, it’s you!” in this context is a good thing.  Shelve your conceit about how wonderful you are for now, and instead really think about your customer.  I spent weeks looking at over 1,000 competitor websites and noticed the same braggadocios blah-blah each professing how great they were.  Refocus your attention instead on what should be your greatest asset, which is giving phenomenal customer experiences.     

Third, good is the enemy of “Great.”  It was never our goal to simply be good. What does that even mean? Good enough; which is synonymous with okay or status quo?  It wasn’t easy but our website took months: poking cheeky fun at ourselves and our industry; making analogies so lay people could understand title insurance; creating interactive line-by-line explanations of documents typically seen at a closing; navigable buttons for ADA accessibility; and over 80 really engaging, colorful, and playful images embodying inclusiveness, diversity, and family.    

So go out there and figure out what you need to do to be recognized as the best in your industry, put those ideas into action, and transition yourself from good to “Great.”

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